The Message in a Bottle collection is made up of various themes and each product is unique, because it is the result of the creativity of four designers, who have managed to make this collection special.

The bottles can be purchased in the online shop or in the best homeware shops.

Every single bottle gives a different nuance and that is why our 100% recycled bottles are COMPLETELY UNIQUE: The specific green colour of our bottles guarantees that the mixture used is 100% glass from separate waste collection.

Choose Planet, choose Italian, choose WILD - Message in a Bottle


Each line (Artist, Cherry's, Mandala, Sea, Tattoo) tells a different story and features original illustrations, created by young artists and designers who each wanted to convey their own message.

Florinda Crespi (graphic designer), Roberto Brasca (illustrator), Sara Cherubino (architect) and Monika Markova (artist) have been able to transform their passions and thoughts into art, creating a varied collection, full of meaning that brings beauty and value to our tables.