recycled glass


Did you know that glass is one of the most sustainable solutions? Unlike plastic, for example, glass can be recycled many times over, as it can be remelted: it is made up primarily of natural raw materials such as sand and glass cullet (waste glass), which allows for informed recycling. In fact, it represents the first choice for health and environmentally conscious consumers.

Wild - Messages in a Bottle

The new brand of 100% recycled glass bottles Wild - Messagge in a Bottle, born in 2021, is based precisely on this foundation: having an eye on consumption, to get closer and closer to a concept of daily sustainability.

"Sustainable" is equivalent to 100% "recyclable" and therefore recycling, consumption and glass production become important steps within a circular economy, which looks to the future with commitment and wins at ecological systems.

Sustainability in our choices

Being committed and consistent with our responsibility encourages us to make daily actions and choices in favor of sustainability. This is the mission that underpins the entire Wild - Messagge in a Bottle project, devoted to innovative design and able to pave the way for new environmental trends.

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