Collection: The Wild Glasses

By combining respect for the environment and craftsmanship, we have created original, green products with an unmistakable style. We use 100% recycled glass and bottles, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The bottles are recovered and processed with skill and precision, giving life to our Wild Glasses. The path through which a simple bottle becomes a Wild glass is divided into various phases. Recycling is one of the most important and complex phases, but on which we focus great efforts.

  • Phase 1

    The glass is recovered through our network of partners, restaurants and glassworks, and is brought to the artisan laboratory

  • Level 2

    The sterilization process of the material begins in order to move on to the processing phase of the raw material.

  • Phase 3

    The glass manufacturing process begins and the product takes shape with a unique design through which glasses are created with 100% recycled raw materials.

  • Phase 4

    The Wild Glass is born, which with its unique workmanship is original, resistant and Green!