Liberiamo il mondo dall’inquinamento da plastica!

Let's free the world from plastic pollution!

Plastic Free Odv Onlus is a voluntary association founded on 29 July 2019 with the aim of informing and raising awareness as many people as possible about the dangers of plastic pollution.

The goal of the non-profit organization is to free the planet from the tons of plastic that devastate our seas, our rivers, our ecosystems and our health.
Born as a digital reality, in the first years we reached millions of users and today, with more than 1,000 representatives throughout Italy, they have become the most important and concrete association in this topic.

Plastic Free is active in the various territories with the following actions:
* Cleanup appointments to clean areas of plastic and waste
* Environmental awareness sessions in schools
* Information and awareness of citizens in public places
* Ecological walks with the aim of enhancing the territory
* Sea turtle rescue

Together with over 250,000 volunteers they organized more than 2000 plastic and rubbish collection events, giving new life to areas completely submerged in waste: 2,665,488.00kgt of plastic collected.

The Plastic Free association is committed to protecting the environment with cleaning appointments in cities, beaches, parks and rivers. Since 10 November 2019, appointments have grown exponentially, reaching over 200 per month:
2,650 appointments organised
250,000 Volunteers involved
2,217,629 kg of plastic removed from the environment

And here comes the link with Wild®. Two worlds apparently distant but actually closer than ever, linked by a common goal: freeing the world from plastic pollution.

For this reason, for every purchase we support turtle clean-up and protection events throughout Italy!

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