Why is it important to choose ecological packaging?

In Italy, more than 20% of packaging is made of plastic,  span>but more and more companies and consumers are reversing the course.< /p>

More than 40% of Italians, in fact, prefer food and body care products with low environmental impact packaging.

The companiesto meet the growing consumer sensitivity towards environment, they have started to increasingly opt for eco-friendlypackagingeco-friendly< span class="JsGRdQ">.

About 13 million were produced in 2020 of tons of packaging, of which over 9 million were recycled. It is clear that by choosing green packaging this gap will be completely filled , eliminating waste and dispersions into the environment.

Even the machinery used for their production has a minimal impact on energy consumption, on the resources used and therefore on the pollution.


What are the eco-friendly alternatives?

Fortunately, today more and more solutions are being created to replace plastic and packaging that is difficult to dispose of or recycle.
The materials used are various and more or less known, let's see them together.


Along with plastic, the most used for packaging.
It is suitable for almost any type of packaging and o
ffers design possibilities and flexibility, it is customisable, recyclable and biodegradable. Better if made with recycled fibers or from forests managed responsibly and FSCcertified (Forest Stewardship Council).


In fabric packaging, natural materials are used such as natural cotton, colored cotton, jute, juco, hemp and materials based on regenerated cotton strong>. Fabric packaging also lends itself very well to creating packaging useful for marketing.


Increasingly used, the biodegradable packaging are excellent friends of the planet.
They are usually used for bags, trays and in general to contain consumable and quickly used products.

Often originate from:

  • sugar canes, corn, seaweed and cellulose
  • from mushrooms and chitosan (the substance that makes up the shield that protects crustaceans and insects)
  • from the protein fiber of “spider web silk”


Sustainable packaging is an objective of the European Union by 2030.
The world of industry must prepare for the ecological transition , not only by switching from fossil to renewable energy resources, but also by choosing eco-compatible and green packaging.

And you? Do you purchase products with green packaging?
Do you know examples of companies that have decided to use ecological and creative packaging?

Leave a comment and tell us your opinion!

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