The line of 100% recycled glass Wild - Message in a bottle was created in 2021 by the company 4You Design of Christine Knoll, through good practices of circular economy. Each piece is produced with glass coming exclusively from separate collections and is unique, because during production no bottle is discarded and imperfections are accepted, indeed they are valued because they are a symbol of friendship with the environment.


Wild - Message in a bottle mission is to make the recycled beautiful and to stop time for a cleaner planet.

The designs are applied with inorganic colors in direct hot screen printing. During the process, the colored glass powder fuses with the glass of the bottle, making the print 100% eco-friendly and scratch-resistant.


When talking about recycling materials, it is necessary to distinguish the concepts of "post-consumption" and "pre-consumption" or "post-industrial". The first concept concerns materials produced and actually used by the consumer, such as waste material that has already reached its end-of-life cycle and is reused to produce new materials. Vice versa, the last two concepts mainly concern industrial disposal from large-scale production.

The Wild bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, meaning they come from the glass we all throw into our recycling containers.