More than a Bottle, a Promise for the Future

Welcome to the world of WILD, where each bottle tells a story of sustainability, elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Our glass bottles are not only a tribute to the quality and refinement that distinguishes Made in Italy, but are also a powerful symbol of our commitment to the environment.

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a message from the heart

Message in a Bottle

Inside every WILD, there is a surprise: a message written with care and sensitivity by two talented writers, designed to inspire, move, or simply give a smile. But the real magic happens when you decide to leave your personal message, transforming each bottle into a vehicle of emotions and thoughts.

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authenticity and style

Custom Designs

We collaborated with an exceptional team of four illustrators and designers, true masters in their field, to bring to life drawings and graphics that tell different stories, emotions, and cultures. Each WILD bottle is a unique canvas, where art meets design in a perfect marriage of creativity and style.

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We invite you to visit these selected stores to personally discover the magic of WILD. Find the store closest to you on our website and join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and beauty-filled future.