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Monika Markova

Monika was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the daughter of a well-known football player, and she moved to Italy at the age of 6. She began to paint at the age of 26 when after her studies in Graphics and Advertising, she met an artist that helped her organise her first exhibition.
The event was a huge success and played a crucial role in Monika's professional career as she understood that art would stand forever by her side. Monika is rebellious, a useful trait when it comes to creativity but that pushed her towards dangerous forms of "freedom" such as alcohol and drugs that she defines as traps.


The designs used in the first series of the Wild - Message in a Bottle project are the result of the creativity of Florinda Crespi (Graphic Designer), Roberto Brasca (illustrator), Sara Cherubino (architect), and Monika Markova (artist).

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