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100% Recycled Glass

Wild - Messagge in a Bottle glass bottles are total green and are created to eliminate plastic from our tables, without harming the environment in any way. Made of 100% recycled glass, Wild Bottle wants to sensitise consumers to adopt a mindful consumption behaviour: the first step towards sustainability.

During production, no bottle is discarded because we believe that each piece is unique. We accept and valorise imperfections because, besides their uniqueness, they are environmentally friendly. The distinctive green color of our Wild Glass provides a guarantee that the mixture used in the production process is made out of 100% recycled glass.

While the small imperfections that make each bottle unique further confirm the purity of the material used.

A “total green” bottle, created to eliminate plastic from our tables and protect the environment.

Wild - Messagge in a Bottle is the 100% ecological glass bottle.

Recycled glass
Glass from separate glass collections.

No waste
No bottle waste due to aesthetic defects.

PCR Glass
100% of glass is post-consumer recycled (PCR).

Green solution
Less energy consumption is obtained by melting recycled glass.


The designs used in the first series of the Wild - Message in a Bottle project are the result of the creativity of Florinda Crespi (Graphic Designer), Roberto Brasca (illustrator), Sara Cherubino (architect), and Monika Markova (artist).

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100% Vetro Riciclato

Le bottiglie in vetro Wild - Messagge in a Bottle sono total green e nascono per eliminare la plastica dalle nostre tavole, senza nuocere in alcun modo all’ambiente. Realizzate in vetro riciclato al 100% rivolgono un occhio di riguardo ai consumi: il primo passo verso il vero concetto di sostenibilità.


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