Wild - Messagge in a Bottle glass bottles are total green and were created to eliminate plastic from our tables, without harming the environment in any way. Made of 100% recycled glass, they pay particular attention to consumption: the first step towards the true concept of sustainability.

In our production no bottle is discarded, because each piece is unique. We accept imperfection and value it, because each Wild - Messagge in a Bottle is environmentally friendly. The particular green color of our Wild Glass guarantees the fact that the mixture used is made of 100% glass coming from separate collections.

The small imperfections that make each eco-friendly bottle unique are a guarantee of the purity of the mixture used.

An environmentally friendly total green bottle, created to eliminate plastic from our tables.

Wild - Message in a Bottle is the 100% eco-friendly glass bottle.

Recycled glass

Glass coming from separate glass collections.

No waste

No bottle waste due to aesthetic defects.

PCR glass

100% of the glass is post-consumer recycled (PCR).Green solutionLower energy consumption thanks to the fusion of recycled glass.