Sport, ecosostenibilità, benessere


Sport and sustainability, sustainability and sport: two strands that run hand in hand, continuously intertwining and influencing more and more sports.

An alliance between Sport and the Environment is possible by planning sports competitions that consider the reduction and compensation of polluting emissions generated by transport or the materials used.

Wild will be the official partner at sporting events in the coming months.

We believe in everything that is good for life and the environment. For this reason we support and participate in events where healthy activities such as sustainability and sport are at the centre.

From 7 to 10 July we will be present at the3rd Stage of the Streetgames in Boffaora Sopra Ticino. A reality born right among the streets of small towns which over the years has become an event unmissable in the Novara area but which has now involved the whole of northern Italy and beyond, in fact this year the finals will be in Livorvo.

3 sports disciplines: basketball, football, beach volleyball will be the protagonists of 4 days of tournaments.

There will be events that we particularly care about such as the TRIANGULAR POWERCHAIR HOCKEY,lelectric wheelchair hockey and also the The Cavalli&Segugi chess club is organizing the first 4'+2'' open flash tournament within the 2022 street games event.

“The values ​​of sport are values ​​of universality and harmony, it is based on the concepts of respect, understanding, integration and dialogue, and contributes to the development and fulfillment of individuals without distinction of age, sex, origins, beliefs and opinions. Sport is a unique forum for action and reflection to transform our societies."

Audrey Azoulay, director general of UNESCO

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