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We strive to turn recycled material into a beautiful, handcrafted product. Thinking about our actions and how we can safeguard the environment means choosing sustainable materials and production processes, betting on the excellence of Italian design and the pursuit of a natural Aesthetic.

By purchasing our Wild - Messagge in a Bottle glass bottles you are helping to safeguard the environment! The mixture used in the production process is made out of 100% recycled glass, while small imperfections make each bottle unique further confirm the purity of the material used.

Through silk-screen printing, the designs are applied using inorganic colors. During the process, the colored glass powder fuses with the glass of the bottle, achieving a 100% eco-friendly and scratch-resistant print.

EFFICIENCY & SUSTAINABILITY   Efficiency is one of the main pillars of sustainability.
WILD GLASS does not discard bottles with aesthetic defects; thus, it reduces the waste caused by scrap glass.
100% WILD GLASS from PCR (Post-consumer recycled glass)
➜ We use 100% recycled glass
➜ Less energy consumption during the glass-melting process
Less energy is required to melt glass than compared to conventional processes. The Wild method can save up to:
- 384 million m3 of methane
- 2.5 million barrels of oil equal to the domestic consumption of methane gas in a city of 1.5 million inhabitants
Reduced CO2 emissions due to lower fuel consumption.
- 2.3 million tons of CO2 equivalent to the amount absorbed by a forest larger than Apulia.
Less extraction of raw materials:
1Kg of recovered glass can save up to 1.2 Kg of raw materials.
- 3.7 million tons of raw materials equal to 2 times the volume of the Coliseum
- A size as big as 2,169,676 cubic meters


The designs used in the first series of the Wild - Message in a Bottle project are the result of the creativity of Florinda Crespi (Graphic Designer), Roberto Brasca (illustrator), Sara Cherubino (architect), and Monika Markova (artist).

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