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WILD® - Message in a Bottle

Light Heart 700 ml

Light Heart 700 ml

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The theme chosen is that of lightheartedness. A carefreeness that welcomes everything that life wants to offer us, for better or for worse.
The desire and will to be the sun of ourselves, aware that we also have clouds and difficulties in our lives, which with the right amount of light-heartedness can be welcomed. We are talking about a choice, the choice to be strong enough not to be influenced too much by difficulties, trying to make even these clouds part of our complex but wonderful inner landscape.
A message that screams the importance of our uniqueness which exists precisely thanks to our imperfections!
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  • 100% Sostenibile

    Le nostre bottiglie sono realizzate con vetro riciclato, riducendo l'impatto ambientale e promuovendo una filosofia di consumo responsabile.

  • Design Originali

    I design delle bottiglie si distinguono per la loro originalità e bellezza, trasformando ogni pezzo in una vera e propria opera d'arte collezionabile.

  • Alta Qualità

    Ogni bottiglia è frutto della maestria artigianale italiana, garantendo qualità superiore e stile inconfondibile che solo il Made in Italy può offrire.

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