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WILD® - Message in a Bottle

Mystic | Gift Box | Gift box

Mystic | Gift Box | Gift box

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A beautiful gift for those who want to send an important message and start having more awareness in their daily gestures towards the environment!

“Dream catchers” are a powerful symbol that brings us closer to the age-old wisdom of man. Having one protects your home, eases your mind and allows you to sleep soundly.

The 100% recycled glass bottles have a specific message: paying attention to consumption is the first step towards the true concept of sustainability.
We are constantly looking for solutions that help build a cleaner, more sustainable and hopeful future with unique proposals with Made in Italy design.
Our Mission is to make recycled beautiful and to stop time for a cleaner planet.
The designs are applied with inorganic colors in direct hot screen printing. During the manufacturing process, the colored glass powder fuses with the glass of the bottle and makes the print 100% environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant.

Contains: 1 "Mystic - MOON DREAMCATCHER" bottle from the Mystic Line - 100% recycled glass with message on recycled paper inside, 1 100% white cotton T-Shirt with Mystic decoration by Wild®

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  • 100% Sostenibile

    Le nostre bottiglie sono realizzate con vetro riciclato, riducendo l'impatto ambientale e promuovendo una filosofia di consumo responsabile.

  • Design Originali

    I design delle bottiglie si distinguono per la loro originalità e bellezza, trasformando ogni pezzo in una vera e propria opera d'arte collezionabile.

  • Alta Qualità

    Ogni bottiglia è frutto della maestria artigianale italiana, garantendo qualità superiore e stile inconfondibile che solo il Made in Italy può offrire.

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