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Set of 4 glasses

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Set of 4 glasses

Regular price€9,00 Sale price

In the beginning, there was the bottle....

By combining respect for the environment and craftsmanship, we have created original and green products with an unique style.
We use 100% recycled glass and bottles, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
The bottles are collected and processed with knowledge and precision to create our Wild Glasses.
The process by which a simple bottle becomes a Wild glass is divided into several stages.
Recycling is one of the most important and complex stages, but one on which we focus a great deal of effort.
Stage 1
The glass is collected through our network of partners, restaurants and glassworks, and taken to the craft workshop.
Stage 2
Launching the sterilizing procedure of the material and we start processing the raw material.
Stage 3
The process of handcrafting the glass begins and the product takes shape with a unique design through which we produce glasses with 100% recycled raw material.
Stage 4
Wild glass is born, with its unique workmanship, it is original, resistant and Green!

Key benefits

Wild Bottle was created to eliminate plastic from our tables and safeguard the environment.

The mixture used during production comes from 100% recycled glass.

Less energy is required to produce recycled glass compared to conventional processes that use raw materials. 1 kg of recovered glass can save up to 1.2 kg of raw materials. Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to lower fuel consumption.

Applies ecological innovations in key printing processes to minimize the impact on the environment.

Enduring and scratch-resistance material.

We protect the environment by offering a 100% sustainable solution and production MADE IN ITALY.

100% Recycled glass

Made of 100% recycled glass, Wild - Messagge in a Bottle wants to sensitise consumers to adopt a mindful consumption behaviour: the first step towards sustainability. During production, no bottle is discarded because we believe that each piece is unique.

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